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Release time:2023-05-31

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Inner Mongolia Guangneng Technology Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of ultra-high sensitivity trace gas analysis instruments based on laser cavity ring-down spectroscopy technology (CRDS). In July 2022, it was recognized by the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Department of Industry and Information Technology as a "Specialized, Refined, Differential, and Innovative(SRDI)" small and medium-sized enterprise at the autonomous region level.


Company Profile

The enterprise was jointly established by Dr. Yan Wenbin, Inner Mongolia Shuangxin Resource Holdings Co., Ltd., and Ordos High tech Industry Investment Co., Ltd. It mainly engages in the research and development, sales, leasing, maintenance, technical services, and consulting of various high-sensitivity laser gas detectors. The monitoring accuracy of the produced instruments can reach 10×10-9, mainly used for the detection and analysis of trace impurities in various high-purity gases.

The company always adheres to the business philosophy of "science, exploration, rigor, and innovation"; Be strict with oneself, have the courage to innovate, and always adhere to the belief of "self-improvement and virtue carrying things"; Based on CRDS technology, we aspire to become a world-class manufacturer of highly sensitive trace gas analysis instruments.

The enterprise has been rated as a national "high-tech enterprise", "technology-based small and medium-sized enterprise", a company listed on the Inner Mongolia Science and Technology Innovation Board, and an Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region level enterprise research and development center. It also has honorary titles such as Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Industrial Entrepreneurship Talent Team, Ordos Excellent Innovation and Entrepreneurship Talent Team, and Ordos Innovation Team.

Since its establishment, the company has successively passed ISO9001 quality management system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification, and ISO45001 occupational health and safety management system certification. Accumulated acquisition of 28 intellectual property rights, including a total of 21 valid authorizations, including 15 utility model patents and 6 software copyrights; In addition, 7 invention patents are currently being applied for and have entered the substantive examination stage, and 3 scientific and technological achievements have passed the autonomous region's scientific and technological achievement appraisal.

At present, the company has entered the supplier list of major domestic and foreign enterprises such as Huawei, TSMC, SMIC International, and China Shipbuilding Heavy Industry, and has completed sales services. In 2022, the company's products were applied to the greenhouse gas monitoring station of the Ordos Ecological Environment Bureau for data monitoring, and the domestically produced high-precision greenhouse gas monitoring equipment officially entered the field of environmental protection.


Honorary qualifications




Core technology

The principle of cavity ringdown spectroscopy (CRDS) technology:

Using the combination of laser and optical cavity to detect various molecules. As shown in Figure 1, the directional beam emitted from a continuous wave diode laser is incident onto an absorption cell (cavity) composed of an ultra-high reflector;


Figure 1 Schematic diagram of cavity ring-down spectrum

The main components of this method are a laser source, a light resonant cavity formed by a pair of highly reflective mirrors, and a photodetector. The transmitted light entering the optical cavity is reflected back and forth multiple times between two ultra-high reflection mirrors;

• When the beam from the first high reflection mirror passes through the second high reflection mirror each time, a very small amount of light passes through the high reflection mirror, and the ringdown signal is received by the photodiode detector behind the second high reflection mirror;

• Once the photodiode detector detects that the light intensity reaches the threshold light intensity, the light source is immediately turned off, as shown in Figure 2 (t=0);

• Once the light intensity begins to decay (oscillate), the detector achieves zero light intensity attenuation within tens to hundreds of microseconds, thus completing a detection; At this point, the light intensity decays exponentially and is represented by the formula shown in Figure 2;


Figure 2 Optical cavity attenuation curve

• To determine the cavity decay time“ τ The computer control system tunes the frequency of the laser to a state that is away from the absorption peak of the measured sample, with a value of 0;

• The concentration of the tested sample can be calculated by the following formula based on the detection of the decay time:


When the reflectivity of the cavity mirror is constant, first measure the decay time without absorption τ By measuring the decay time during absorption, it is easy to calculate the molecular density and thus the substance concentration.

In the above equation, c is the speed of light, L is the effective length of light intensity, and R is the reflectivity of the reflector, σ ( ν) Is the absorption cross-section of the tested sample, and N is the molecular density (concentration) of the tested sample.


Product Introduction

The company has developed high sensitivity trace H2O analyzer, high sensitivity trace HF analyzer, high sensitivity trace HCl analyzer, high sensitivity trace HBr analyzer, high sensitivity trace HCN analyzer, high sensitivity trace H2S analyzer, high sensitivity trace CO analyzer, high sensitivity trace CH4 analyzer, and high sensitivity trace C2H2 analyzer based on the principle of optical cavity attenuation, High sensitivity trace NH3 analyzers and other high-precision instruments have simple structures, superior performance, wide applicability, and low prices. Their accuracy can reach 1 in 10 billion, comparable to imported detection instruments from abroad. They can provide high-precision instruments for trace water detection in chip manufacturing, special gas industry, and other industries. In the field of environmental protection and greenhouse gas monitoring in the atmosphere, it is also necessary to import foreign gas analyzers, which are not only expensive but also have risks and hidden dangers in data information. Our company's developed gas analyzers can completely replace imported gas analysis instruments.



Contact phone number and address

Contact information:

Qiao Xinyu 18647744777

Wang Rui 13789770410

Address: Building B2, Standardized Factory Building, Science and Education Incubation Park, High tech Industrial Park, Kangbashi District, Ordos City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region

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